Game Engine Review: Rendering Pipeline

Chen  — 2 days, 21 hours ago
As promised, I will be a doing a full review of the game engine in its current state. This blog is dedicated to the renderer in my game engine. I will provide you with a high-level overview, how the renderer came about, and some interesting implementation details.


Like every other game, Monter’s rendering pipeline is not just a simple draw call. It involves precomputing textures such as shadow maps and ambient occlusion textures to help enrich the visual scene when the actual rendering starts. It also has a post-processing stack which helps smooth out the jagged edges and ...
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Hi everyone. It’s an honor to be featured by handmade network. I will be pushing out blogs where I talk about the challenges I face during Monter’s development. I’ve been thinking long and hard about what to write about on a first blog. The best choice seems to be writing a review of what I’ve done for the game engine so far, but I’ve just finished shadow mapping, so I decided to go with it this time because it’s still fresh. A review of the entire engine will probably be the topic of my ...
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