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Engine Work: Sky shading pass

Chen  — 1 week ago
Hi everyone. For the past couple of weeks I have been mostly working on Monter’s movement system, but it’s still heavily WIP so I can’t write about it just yet. What I did finish though is a simple sky shading pass. It turned out quite nice because it gels well with Monter’s simple low-poly art style. So I’m going to write about that instead.

Considering how to draw a sky

Skybox has been a popular choice for many years. It’s a technique that packs the pre-rendered skydome into a cubemap, which is a texture ...
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Hi folks, it’s been a while since my last update. Unfortunately school got in the way so my progress on Monter stagnated a bit, but I was still able to put work into it. A terrain walking system has always been my next big goal, but there were still missing pieces here and there. So I spent the past week patching them up. And after this blog post, I will finally start to work on the terrain walking system.

Light transmittance in air

The only reason we can see anything at all is thanks to light. Light sources first ...
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Hi folks. I will talk about the progress I’ve made since last time and how the blog post style will be changed.

Less Emphasis on the Well-covered Subjects on the Internet

When I read my own posts from the past, I noticed they have a lot of duplicate info with popular tutorials out there. So in the future posts, I will minimize the effort I spend on talking about popular subjects and talk more about the unspoken quarks and side-effect of them.

Shadow Improvement

If the player’s PC can’t handle high resolution shadow map texture, then alias ...
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Debugging Cascaded Shadow Map

Chen  — 1 month, 2 weeks ago
I want to try something different for this post. Rather than just a boring rundown of the technology I implemented, I am going to write about how I approached at solving a bug in my shadow system. I think this post is a lot more down to earth than the other ones and I hope you will enjoy it.

Cascaded Shadow Map(CSM) bug

Alright, just when I want to take a shot from a different angle to show off my new assets, my shadow map broke. You can clearly see the huge gap in shadow on the right of ...
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As promised, I will be a doing a full review of the game engine in its current state. This blog is dedicated to the renderer in my game engine. I will provide you with a high-level overview, how the renderer came about, and some interesting implementation details.


Like every other game, Monter’s rendering pipeline is not just a simple draw call. It involves precomputing textures such as shadow maps and ambient occlusion textures to help enrich the visual scene when the actual rendering starts. It also has a post-processing stack which helps smooth out the jagged edges and ...
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Game Engine Review: Shader Managment

Chen  — 1 month, 3 weeks ago
Hi everyone. This is post is just me picking up where I left off from last blog post, so it's gonna be a short one.

It is often the case that temporary shaders are written for debugging purposes and need to be added and removed frequently. Same for merging shaders to speed up rendering and splitting shaders for more reusability. If we just build shaders separately and store them in their own files, managing those files and editing the code that build and store the shaders become an unpleasant hassle very quickly. Unable to bear this chore, I set ...
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Progress Report: Shadow Mapping

Chen  — 2 months, 1 week ago
Hi everyone. It’s an honor to be featured by handmade network. I will be pushing out blogs where I talk about the challenges I face during Monter’s development. I’ve been thinking long and hard about what to write about on a first blog. The best choice seems to be writing a review of what I’ve done for the game engine so far, but I’ve just finished shadow mapping, so I decided to go with it this time because it’s still fresh. A review of the entire engine will probably be the topic of my ...
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